Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The video that IS Oslo in the summer... Jarle Bernhoft's "Sunday"

Just found this thanks to a friend of mine. Jarle Bernhoft used to be the singer of the amazing Norwegian rock band Span, but decided to quite a few yers back. Now he's back with his solo album. I think he does rock better, but the voice is still amazing and this video for "Sunday" IS Oslo in the summer. Take a look and you will feel it too.

The whole album is supposedly about his relationship to Oslo. I really know what he means and feel a lot of the same as he says on his MySpace-page:

huba. the idea behind the 'ceramik' project is to give a musical portrait of the fragile relationship between oslo and myself. i constantly fall in love with this town, in spite of, or because of, its lack of identity. oslo is always struggling to be something it isn't, in millons of ways at once. i shouldn't like it, but i do. i have to leave, but it always draws me back. it estranges me, still it's who i am. those paradoxes create the songs, and there are plenty more. these traks are originally intended as hushed home demos, but i thought the aesthetic of suppressed slo-fi energy turned out both defining for the music and, well, cool as anything. and in time now, some of them will bloom into something else. hope you like it. it will take pressure, but no hard impacts with sharp or blunt objects. squeeze it, but don't hit it. wear it on your wrist, but don't lick it.

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